Monmouth Museum - Main Gallery: Lincroft, New Jersey

Monmouth Museum - Main Gallery: Lincroft, New Jersey

The Golden Scandal is currently featured in The Monmouth Museum's Juried Watercolor Exhibition, Traditional to Modern.  

Duplicity cloaked in eroticism, a well-executed plan in high stakes operations.  Alluring in her every movement, reptilian markings camouflage a prominent stiletto designed to directly penetrate.

- R. Derrick

Using a combination of self-directed photography, life observation and archived source materials,  The Golden Scandal was intended to personify fashionable accessory beyond narrative still life.  After a series of successful color studies were executed, the desired proportions were drawn freehand onto a final piece of hot pressed watercolor paper.  Delicate graphite contours were refined to set the framework for a multi-layering technique of gouache, ink and aquarelle pencil.